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A few Australian highlights

As record-breaking – and heartbreaking – bush fires rage in parts of Australia, my walk down memory lane (through my recently compiled photobook) happens to feature some shots of Australia’s natural beauty and interesting regions taken on various trips I … Continue reading

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45,000 memories

When my sister kindly gifted me a photobook voucher for my birthday this year it gave me impetus to really dig through my 45,000 photos (yes, I’m not joking… and that’s after lots of culling!) to put together a very … Continue reading

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Just a matter of time (and money)

Each year, as time and money allows, we return to our little house in Argenton-sur-Creuse, France. We take the local train to Southern Cross Station in Melbourne (Australia), then board the Sky Bus for the 20 minute ride to Tullamarine … Continue reading

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Golden moments

It’s  no secret that we love to travel. Travelling the world – especially in Europe – sits right at the top of our “to do” list. However, we do have other hobbies and interests, and one unique to our time spent in … Continue reading

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Our travels usually take us overseas – but over recent weeks we have had the pleasure of enjoying some of Australia’s fabulous beaches. First stop was Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays, with a gorgeous view of Catseye Bay from our “Seaview … Continue reading

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There is a plaque on the wall at my sister’s house: “Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.” For us right now, our plans to return to France are on hold while Tony undergoes triple … Continue reading

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Back to front fruit

Considering that my blog purportedly appears most often in searches for “mangasteen” (a fruit I mentioned in passing on a post on Thailand) I thought I would describe another fruit which we “discovered” recently – this time in Spain – which initially reminded me of managsteens (or more correctly known as … Continue reading

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How’s the weather?

We arrived in France to un-seasonally warm weather. In fact, the weather we left behind in Australia was almost the same… mid twenties and beautiful… but it has turned rather chilly now. The wind is particularly icy. I guess that’s how they … Continue reading

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A world apart

As I stand at the station in Melbourne, Australia, waiting to catch the train to work, listening to my French language lessons on my phone (oh yes, I’m keeping at it, and slowly… very slowly I have to admit… it’s starting to sink in), I reflect … Continue reading

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