And the nominees are…

Blogging is great fun and definitely addictive. Not only to have the chance to share my thoughts and experiences through my writing and photos with anyone in the world who cares to “tune in”, but also to enjoy reading other people’s blogs – and there are some truly fabulous ones out there, I just wish I had enough time to read more of them!

The blogging community is very supportive and one way this is demonstrated is through nominating sites for various “awards,” as I have been recently, thanks to The onus is then on the nominee to “pay it forward” and nominate others. It’s a lovely form of recognition, and don’t we all respond well to that?!

Of course I could (and would) just keep on blogging purely for my own enjoyment, but the comments, “likes” and “follows” (and now awards, well one anyway!) give me an extra boost and incentive to do even better (or at least try to), so “thank you” to you, my readers! But let’s fulfill The Rules (re-defined) for “One Lovely Blog Award“:

1. Thank the nominator with a link back to their site

Thank you Princess Prattles! – a prolific blogger who is currently participating in the Project 365 Challenge with a post every single day about her garden (do have a look!)

2. Share 7 things about yourself

  1. I am a self-confessed approval-addict and was always “teacher’s pet” at school
  2. I used to want to be “just like everyone else”, but these days I am happy to be the unique person God created me to be
  3. My naturally curly hair is the bane of my existence and the subject of a children’s story I have written, which I would be illustrating right now if I wasn’t so busy renovating and blogging
  4. The best time of my life (before now) was when I was mum to 4 pre-schoolers – busy, busy, happy times!
  5. I love karaoke!
  6. It took me half a century to finally find the man I was always meant to be with
  7. There are so many things I would like to do with my time that I know I haven’t got enough hours left on this earth to even attempt them all, yet alone learn to do them well

Now that’s probably more about me than was absolutely necessary, so let’s get on with the rest of it…

3. Nominate 7 other blogs

In no particular order:

  1. – for the way she shows us amazing details through her photography
  2. – for her great sense of humour
  3. – for her candidness and quirky doodles
  4. – for her warmth
  5. – for her honesty and superb photography
  6. – for beautiful photography that needs no words
  7. – for her funny stories linked to do-able recipes

4. Inform the nominees linking back to this post so they know the rules

(who, by the way, have the right to decline, especially as its highly likely that they have already been nominated)

So there it is – I’ll just drop them all these worthy nominees a message and it will be back to normal blogging for me!

About frenchfry36

South African by birth, British by right, Australian by oath, French by choice.
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6 Responses to And the nominees are…

  1. uthamz says:

    THANK YOU , ( in capitals !! ) for the nomination.
    I am immensely DELIGHTED ! And I am grateful !

    I was interested when saw your nickname ‘ french fry ‘- something unusual , something original !
    I was curious when I read your ‘ About ‘ – a truly international biodata.
    I was glad to have stumbled upon this blog , when I read the posts.
    Interesting travel stories ! Beautiful pictures !
    You really deserve this award ! Congratulations !
    Keep posting ! Keep up your good work !
    Shall follow regularly !

    Thanks again !

  2. Debra Kolkka says:

    Thank you for the lovely nomination, I feel quite honored.

  3. Thank you! I accept this flattering nomination and look forward to fulfilling the requirements. Doing it as eloquently as you have, however, will certainly be a challenge!

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