How to fob off telemarketers

The phone rings…

Allo,” I say (a little tentatively).

Bonjour, Madame Pappas” I hear, followed by a very fast spiel of some sort. Ah, another telemarketer! It must be Monday, when most things are shut and they know lots of people are home.

Pouvez-vous parler très lentement pour moi s’il vous plaît? Je ne parle pas très bien le français,” I answer (Can you speak very slowly for me please? I don’t speak French very well).

Désolé de vous déranger,” (Sorry to disturb you) they say, and quickly hang up.

I must adopt this tactic in Australia as a very effective way to fob off telemarketers!


About frenchfry36

South African by birth, British by right, Australian by oath, French by choice.
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9 Responses to How to fob off telemarketers

  1. Debra Kolkka says:

    I haven’t had any telemarketers in Italy. Perhaps they don’t do it. I always answer with hello, not pronto, anyway to make sure who ever is ringing knows I am foreign.

  2. Hi,Telemarketing industry always giving people a headache for calling without any reason and they are always wasting our time.You really doing a great job to fob off the telemarketers and that is awesome.

  3. sybaritica says:

    Sadly it doesn’t work here in Canada 😦

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