From both sides of the world

Ask me where I live, and I might hesitate – after all, Australia and France are both our homes: We own a house in France, yet earn our living in Australia – well, just enough to get us back to France once more, before we start the cycle all over again!

The photos below (preserved in a double-page layout in my photobook) capture a few landscapes in both our beautiful home countries.

Nature is always an ideal subject: trees, mountains, water… these never fail to make up pretty compositions, not to mention the joy of being out amongst it all!

Woodend Victoria Australia


Hiking up Hanging Rock in the Macedon Ranges is always invigorating – if a bit eerie in parts (for anyone who has watched the movie “Picnic at Hanging Rock” you will know what I mean!)

Located just 1hr from Melbourne: Tourist information here.

Lorne Victoria Australia


And who doesn’t love driving the iconic Great Ocean Road in Victoria? Perhaps stopping for an idyllic picnic of fish and chips by the beach at Lorne, like we did… but watch out for those cheeky chip-stealing cockatoos who can create a bit of chaos!

Located 2hrs from Melbourne: Tourist information here.

Launceston Tasmania Australia


City Park, in Launceston is delightful. With a fresh food market right across the road, giant chess to play, a pretty conservatory, and even a monkey enclosure for something surprisingly different! (Japanese Macaques monkeys to be precise – who thrive in the cold climate).

Located in Northern Tasmania. Tourist information here.

Wilsons Promontory Victoria


Who’s up for long walks along the beach (or even longer hikes) at “The Prom” in Gippsland – Victoria’s southern-most tip. Consisting of 500 square kilometres of protected parkland, there’s loads to explore – more than a day trip can handle – though even a brief visit is (literally) a breath of fresh air.

Located 3hrs from Melbourne. Tourist information here.

Saint-Marcel France


The thought of a leisurely stroll in the French countryside is so romantic isn’t it? But walking the Green Way (La Voie Verte) from St Marcel back home to Argenton turned out to be a bit of a hike for me!

Located 3hrs from Paris or a 5min drive from Argenton. Tourist information here.

Bélâbre France


A random stop on a country drive in central France, this was certainly a lovely spot to stretch our legs. One day we will have to go back for a proper visit on one of their big market days.

Located 3hrs from Paris or 30min from Argenton. Tourist information here.

Le Pêchereau France


Even walking to the large Carrefour supermarket from our house in France affords us moments of absolute tranquility. (Le Pechereau’s town hall is in a the cutest little moated castle, and we love attending markets and festivals held in the grounds.)

Located 3hrs from Paris or 6min from Argenton. Tourist information here.

Grenoble France


In Grenoble for a wedding, we snaffled some time to play tourist, taking a ride on the bubble-like cable-cars (Téléphérique Grenoble-Bastille) for magnificent views from the vantage point of Fort de La Bastille, overlooking the city, picturesquely nestled between mountain ranges.

Located over 5hrs from Paris and 6hrs from Argenton. Tourist information here.

Bouncing from one side of the world to the other certainly has its advantages, though I’m hoping that, with the widespread normalisation of working-from-home during the current coronavirus lockdown, my dream of working-from-France draws ever closer.

Now, that would be the best of of all possible worlds for me!

About frenchfry36

South African by birth, British by right, Australian by oath, French by choice.
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2 Responses to From both sides of the world

  1. Lovely photos. I hope you can get back to France soon

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