A satisfying European smorgasbord

Having a house in Argenton-sur-Creuse, which ceaselessly beckons our presence, serves as a springboard from which to explore a little bit more of France and her neighboring countries every year.

Paris France 2010

We discovered this peaceful park on one of our earliest trips to Paris – a perfect picnic spot.

Argenton-sur-Creuse France 2015

Argenton: my happy place – need I say more?

In flicking through my photobook I realise that there are many adventures that I have yet to share with you via this blog, which is fabulous in this weird time in history where the return to “normal life” and leisure travel remains uncertain…

Saint-Benoit-du-Sault France 2016

A quick visit to see pretty Saint Benoit du Sault for the first time on our way down to Oradour sur Glane where we paused to reflect on wartime atrocities.

Berlin Germany 2016

A fun BBQ with friends (on the tiniest portable BBQ we have ever seen) in the wide open spaces of Blankensteinpark Berlin.

Szczecin Poland 2016

The day we popped across from Germany into Poland for a hearty lunch of traditional dumplings and goulash in one of these gorgeous buildings.

Strasbourg France 2016

And the time we explored Strasbourg with close relatives – creating many shared memories over sumptuous servings of regional specialties.

I certainly won’t run out of material for a very long time, and that’s a deeply satisfying feeling.

About frenchfry36

South African by birth, British by right, Australian by oath, French by choice.
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