Ahhhh Argenton

There’s a little place in the centre of France, straddled across the River Creuse, under the watchful eye of the Bonne Dame, called Argenton-sur-Creuse.

The old mill


The old bridge


Riverside houses


La Bonne Dame


Anyone familiar with this blog will also be familiar with this town, and the story of how we fell in love with an old stone townhouse, with its pretty ironwork balcony, and semi-spiral wooden staircase, which we were lucky enough to find on the internet at a bargain price (but in great need of TLC) and spent the better part of a year there renovating it in 2009-2010 (starting out with precious little renovation know-how and even less French language skills!)

10 years down the track Argenton still beckons us, exuding just as much charm as ever, with its perfect balance between off-the-beaten-track location and yet having everything you could possibly need – either within the town itself of about 5,000 residents, or in the nearby city of Chateauroux (just 20 minutes away).

For a few interesting maps and stats of Argenton-sur-Creuse, check out: http://www.map-france.com/Argenton-sur-Creuse-36200/

But you really have to visit in person to appreciate this little gem, rich in Roman and medieval history, situated a mere 100kms west of the (hotly disputed) geographical centre of France.

It certainly has everything we need and we’re always planning our next sojourn.

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South African by birth, British by right, Australian by oath, French by choice.
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