Whirlwind world tour

What started out as a straightforward trip to the Bahamas turned into a 5 week round-the-world whirlwind tour with my sister back in 2003. Sometimes a round-the-world plane fare works out to be great value when you visit more than one continent.

For us, it was the perfect excuse to add South Africa to our itinerary. Both born there, it certainly seemed a fitting place to begin our trip, funded as it was by our inheritance from our recently departed parents.

South Africa

We had an amazing time catching up with relatives not seen for decades, who showed us some incredible sights in and around Johannesburg – including an unforgettable day-safari.


My very first visit to Paris was on this trip in springtime 2003… so I can’t help smiling in remembrance whenever I hear the song “I love Paris in the springtime” – and who wouldn’t? Tout le monde aime la France, n’est-ce pas? Just absorbing the sights of this gorgeous city was an experience, but losing ourselves for hours in the Louvre was a real highlight.

New York

The city that never sleeps? (as another song plays in my head.) We didn’t find that New York lived up to it’s reputation. Maybe it was just the area we were looking around, or the post-911 quietness, but we had trouble finding somewhere open for dinner (with no smartphones back then to assist us!) So we were happy to stumble upon a cute little movie themed restaurant with great food at reasonable prices for a memorable night out (unfortunately the name of which escapes me… I wonder if it’s still even open, so many years later?)


This beach was as amazing as it looked: soft white sand, azure-blue crystal-clear water, so warm and inviting. A tropical paradise indeed. I snapped up an offer at this beach-side resort in the Bahamas which was where the planning for this trip began. And what a trip it was!

Memories that make you smile – that’s the essence of life don’t you think?

About frenchfry36

South African by birth, British by right, Australian by oath, French by choice.
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