Hello again Hong Kong

The thing with travel plans (well with any plans really) is that they can easily go awry. The important thing is to roll with the punches and make the best of it, come what may…

In June this year we set off for a 6-week overseas trip, arriving at the airport to find out our midnight flight was significantly delayed, causing us to be bumped onto a much later second leg flight from Hong Kong to Paris, necessitating spending a day in Hong Kong (ironically we had talked about wanting to spend some time in Hong Kong again… perhaps a case of “be careful what you wish for”).

Hong Kong

We rearranged our luggage for the unexpected stopover, then were invited to wait in Cathay’s lounge, and got to experience how the “other half” waits!

Arriving in Hong Kong we were expecting to travel into the city for our complimentary hotel room, but they had put us up at the Regal Airport Hotel instead.

Regal Airport Hotel

Initially a little disappointed, it turned out to be very convenient – not even needing to leave the airport terminal building if the weather didn’t clear (after all it was a typhoon which caused the original delay). A hotel lunch voucher was provided as well – but we didn’t plan to spend the whole day at the hotel – no matter how swish!

Hotel room

After reviving ourselves with a short rest and shower, we headed out, taking the train towards Hong Kong (only 24 minutes on the MTR Airport Express) but changed our mind and got off at Kowloon. Unfortunately, the station wasn’t in the market area we were hoping for – just flashy shops and hotels. But we got a view across Victoria Harbour of Hong Kong city skyline,

Hong Kong skyline

and reminisced about our first trip to Hong Kong in 2009…

The excitement of being upgraded at Hotel Jen when they had no record of our on-line booking, and enjoying the Executive Sky Lounge each evening…

Hotel Jen Sky Lounge

The fun of riding on the iconic, historic trams.

Hong Kong tram

The world’s longest outdoor covered escalator, and the hustle and bustle of markets and city streets.

Gage Street Hong Kong Street Market Hong Kong

Stumbling upon the zoo and botanic gardens on our way to the funicular Peak_Tram

Peak Tram Hong Kong

Riding up to the Peak Tower Centre, enjoying the views and finding unique souvenirs.

Hong Kong from Peak Tram

Taking an under-harbour train trip to the mainland for a superb meal at Langham Place Hotel.

Langham Place Hotel

And a City Lights tour which started with a sunset cruise in a colourful junk…

Harbour cruise 2009

around Victoria Harbour (ironically missing the renowned “Symphony of Lights”).

Sunset Victoria Harbour HK

Stopping for dinner on the ornate Jumbo – the world’s largest floating restaurant…

Jumbo Floating Restaurant HK

And a coach ride up the mountains for a great view of the city at night.

Hong Kong city lights

Preserving our perfect memories, we opted for something completely different this time, and hopped on the train to Disneyland!

Train to HK Disneyland

HK Disneyland

The weather held out and we really enjoyed the afternoon, with a few rides, including Hyperspace Mountain – a superfast version of Space Mountain:  one of my all-time Disneyland favourites –

Hyperspace Mountain

and naturally punctuating the visit with food.

Food Disneyland

Back at the hotel we swapped our lunch voucher for a dinner voucher and enjoyed a sumptuous buffet dinner in the hotel complex. Then made the most of our hotel room to freshen up and recover from our fun day out, eager for our next midnight flight to Paris.

Fun day out


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