Warm Canadian hospitality

The world is getting smaller.

With travel relatively cheap these days (how else could we afford to travel half-way across the world every year?) and the internet making communication so effortless, we found ourselves in Toronto, Canada, being collected by my cyber-friend, Denise.

Feeling like old friends through our association on Facebook and Words with Friends, this was our first face-to-face meeting, and we easily chattered away the 2-and-a-half-hours to her lovely home in the Beaver Valley.

Cyber friends meet

Much fun and laughter ensued over the next few days, meeting new friends…

Ontario hospitality

…cheering on the Maple Leafs ice hockey team, experiencing the outdoor hot tub on a chilly night, sightseeing in Beaver Valley and beyond – we certainly experienced the warmth of Canadian hospitality, and the beauty of the Valley.

Eugenia Falls put on a good display for us.

Eugenia Falls

Our big day out in Collingwood was another highlight, starting with lunch at Northwinds Brewhouse.

Beer is salad

Their relaxed and friendly service was appreciated and the mac and cheese was astoundingly good! Not to mention the beer and cider hybrid.


Next stop was Collingwood Olive Oil Co for tastings of olive oils and balsamic vinegars.

Olive Oil Co

It was an eye opener – or should I say, a taste-bud opener. The peppery aftertaste of the oils; the sweetness of the balsamics – some of them good enough to drink! We bought 2 different bottles which they kindly double-sealed for a safe journey home in our luggage.

Balsamic tasting

About 8kms west of Collingwood, at the quaint Blue Mountain Village (a ski village by the same designers as Whistler Village) we stopped at BeaverTails for a freshly made pastry, resembling, of course, a beaver’s tail.


The light, thin pastry was topped with chocolate and icing sugar – super sweet and, shared between four of us, made a good serving size.

As if there hadn’t already been enough eating and drinking over the course of our visit, we also went beer tasting. Collingwood’s history of shipbuilding includes the fascinating side-launching of new ships (which you can check out on YouTube) – hence the name:  Side Launch Brewing Co.

Side Launch Brewery

We’ll drink to that!

You know, we had such a great time in Ontario, it almost made us want to move there!

Beautiful Beaver Valley


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2 Responses to Warm Canadian hospitality

  1. Denise Hall says:

    Daryl and I very much enjoyed hosting you and Tony on your short stay in the Beaver Valley. And, to introduce you to some of our friends, sights and sounds. You’re welcome back anytime.

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