A perfect day in Pemberton

As much fun as it is to go to well-known places and cross tourist icons off your bucket list, it’s equally good to venture to a place you have never heard of before.

So, on recommendation from the tourist office in Whistler, British Colombia, Canada, we took a Greyhound bus from there up to the village of Pemberton, nestled at the base of Mt Currie.


It was a good call. Fabulous scenery on the drive up (including a totally frozen lake)…

Frozen lake on the way to Pemberton

and the drop off point was ideal for taking a walk around One Mile Lake.

This way

We opted for the easy hike – a track by the forest around one side of the lake…

By the forest

and a boardwalk across the water on the other.

On the boardwalk

Mountains, water and forest – just perfect (except perhaps for the swarm of tiny insects hovering over the water at one reedy spot).

Walking around One Mile Lake

Many a photo was taken.

Trees water and mountains

Tall tree

One Mile Lake

Then we headed into the town centre – a bit of a trudge really, rather tired by now (and surprisingly warm) from our little hike. The view of the surrounding mountains was truly spectacular and made it well worth the effort.


One of the locals told us we were very lucky because it had been raining and cloud-covered earlier in the day. Fresh snow glistening in the sunshine – our photos hardly give it justice. How could you ever tire of that view?

Suitably hungry, we went to “Grimms” – a home-style country café – for a humble lunch of soup and sandwich, followed by a delicious cherry pie.

Cherry Pie at Grimms

Of course we had to check out the old-style General Store – they sell “everything”!

Pemberton General Store

Homeward bound on the normal BC bus… and you get what you pay for ($9 for the 2 of us compared to almost $20 on the Greyhound bus)… the beautiful views were marred by the grubby windows, and the cameras were put aside.

We could have easily spent more time up there, and (time permitting) ventured even further north.

Thumbs up from us to Pemberton!

Thumbs up to Pemberton


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