Visiting the land of beer, waffles and chocolate

When in Belgium it’s only right and proper to drink beer, eat waffles and indulge in some chocolate, don’t you think?

On our one day in the city of Brussels we did just that.

First things first though – stopping for a coffee.

It seems that good coffee is the one thing my husband misses about our home town of Melbourne, Australia. Personally, when travelling, I would much prefer to visit a café unique to the city we are in, but hey, I’m not the coffee drinker! So Starbucks it was. Again.

Mind you, the fabulous view of Brussels’ main square made this one unique.

Thank you Starbucks

La Grand Place (known in Dutch as De Grote Markt – market square) is truly magnificent, with highly decorative, gilded architecture on all sides, dating from the 14th to 17th centuries. No wonder it’s UNESCO listed.

Brussels Markt square

The more you look, the more you see.

Markt square

All that sightseeing builds up an appetite and waffles were calling.

We took the opportunity to compare the Brussels Waffle to the Liege Waffle. Although it was hard to choose between them, I preferred the lighter crisper Brussels version, and Tony the slightly heavier, doughy Liege waffle.

Belgium or Liege waffle

Later on, after trekking the cobblestoned streets and sleek shopping arcades (Galeries), it was time for a refreshing beer. Who knew I would turn into a beer drinker? There are so many to choose from here, all served in their own glass – on our travels we saw a shop that boasted 500 different Belgium beers, but I hear there are over 1000!

We were recommended to try the local triple-cooked chips. Beer and chips? Why not? Obviously we weren’t counting calories.

Une biere et frites

And chocolate… almost every second shop was a chocolate shop! We window-shopped in the highly priced “Mary’s” but decided on a beautiful box from “Neuhaus” (who bill themselves as “the inventor of praline”) featuring delectable chocolates from across their history since 1857. Oh my!

Neuhaus chocolates

Chocolate, chocolate everywhere. Every type, shape and size imaginable. Even in the shape of “Manneken Pis”…

Belgium chocolates

… a quirky little bronze fountain (not far from Grand Place) which has become a tourist attraction…

Manneken Pis

“Peeing Boy” (to be polite) is often dressed up in various festive costumes, but on this day he was naked.

Lucky for him it was a warm day.


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South African by birth, British by right, Australian by oath, French by choice.
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5 Responses to Visiting the land of beer, waffles and chocolate

  1. Oh, certainly not Starbucks!!! In Brussels??? 🙂 when Jo and I were there last time, it was raining heavily non-stop for the 2 days, so not much of walking around, sadly, so I enjoy reading your article and looking at the nice photographs even more. Thank you.

  2. I think I put on weight just reading this post (haha). Looking forward to trying out the waffles there one day to compare the two types.

  3. goannasnake says:

    Ah, Belgium. We love it. Did you also have moules frites and frikandel speciaal? We have such wonderful memories of our 2 visits … the food, the scenery, the people and the history. Thanks for bringing it back to us.

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