Lead me up the garden path

A visit to Monet’s Garden (or “Les Jardins de Claude Monet”) in Giverny, France, was definitely on my bucket list.

A little difficult to get to via public transport, it was a perfect place to break our long drive from central France to Belgium this month – especially since May was touted as the best time to go to see the garden in full bloom.

And, in keeping with the garden theme, we also drove via Versailles to visit the gardens of the Chateau (and just as well that was all we planned to do, because the palace – with the gilt sparkling in the sun – was truly enormous with hoards of visitors pouring in).

The gilted Palace of Versailles

I was a little disappointed that the gardens were not planted out, however they were still stunning in their design.

The gardens of Versailles

And the fountains, though not running, were also amazing.

Apollo Fountain at the Chateau de Versailles

The enormity of the grounds was breathtaking.

Latona Fountain Versailles

And the groves, fenced off but with an enticing gate ajar here and there, were a relief against the rigid structure of the rest of the garden.

Gate enticingly ajar

Only an hour’s drive away, we arrived at Monet’s Garden and I held my excitement at bay just in case they too were not at their absolute best (France had experienced some very late snow this year which may have disrupted normal planting cycles). But I had nothing to worry about.

Oh, it was food for the soul!

Groupings of harmonising or contrasting colours, every which way you looked was a feast for the eyes.

Contrasts - Monets garden

Lily pond Monets garden

Monets garden

Path at Monets garden

The house was also interesting (and included in the entry fee)…

Monets house

but for me, Monet’s Garden was absolutely spectacular and a sight I will never forget.

Favourite garden bed

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14 Responses to Lead me up the garden path

  1. Thank you, now I have another place to add to my Bucket List. It seems for everything I do on that List, another two things are added!

  2. Thanks for the May views. I visited in April a few years ago. Always lovely!

  3. Such a beautiful and magical place…love France 💕🌿🌸

  4. Denise says:

    Nola, that was on my list….last fall. I so wanted to see Monets Gardens…but the old saying goes…so much to see so little time.

  5. I’ve always wanted to go and your post has confirmed I should do it. On my list for next year 🌺😀

  6. Thanks for the insight. Heading there this week!

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