Berlin was a blast

Berlin is raw and emerging. Like an adolescent still finding his way, the eastern side of this city exudes a grungy, rebellious undertone.

Squats and graffiti scream their anti-establishment message.



Berlin grunge

The remaining stretches of the Berlin Wall are a reminder of the dark oppressive past – now adorned with sanctioned graffiti-like artwork expressing high hopes for a better future.

Lead me on

Berlin Wall

Alter the face of the world

No-one can ever know what the future holds, but the feeling here is that anything is possible, as long as you have freedom.

And it seems that anything is allowed.

A totally crazy New Years Eve where everybody lets off fireworks left right and centre from sunset until sunrise, with the crescendo being centred around Brandenburg Gate at midnight.

Brandenburg Gate

New Years Eve

Yes, of course there are official fireworks too, but you can see those ordered and orchestrated displays anywhere in the world.

The fireworks shooting out of windows, on the ground nearby, randomly all around – that’s what held my attention. Sometimes I felt like I was in a war zone and not a city-wide street party.

Random fireworks

Perhaps a little dangerous, but isn’t risk the very thing that makes life exciting?

Then the aftermath.

Like an tireless mother tidying up after a messy teenager – the council clean-up took days.

It was a great party

It was one of those “you had to be there” experiences that I will never forget.

We certainly had a blast in Berlin!

This is Berlin



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