There’s no place like home

Even though we only live part-time in France it is, for us, “home”. What I like to say is that we work in Australia but we live in France. After all, when you are working full-time there is precious little time for much else! Although it does at least afford us a chance to catch up with friends and family, and with 9 children and 6 grandchildren between us, spread over 3 states, that’s no mean feat.

Every time we arrive back in Argenton-sur-Creuse we immediately relax. Set on the banks of the Creuse river, the town itself is just delightful.

The Creuse River

Fishing in the Creuse

Argenton sur Cruese

Situated in central France it is the perfect spot from which to explore France:

Paris is 2 and a half hours away by train (or 3 hours, 300 km, by car – although driving in Paris is something we avoid!)

Eiffel Tower Paris

Square Louis XIII Paris

Lyon is 4 hours (360km) east by car,

Lyon France

Toulouse is 3 and a half hours (380 km) south by car,

Toulouse France

Canal du Midi Toulouse

Bordeaux is 3 and a half hours (300 km) south-west by car,

Bordeaux France

Bordeaux France

and Tours is 2 hours (140 km) north-west by car.

near Tours France

Chateau de Chenonceau near Tours France

Of course, everything is also accessible by train, and the town’s station (on a major SNCF line) is conveniently located within walking distance from our house.

To research train journeys and schedules, I recommend you go to: Even though Argenton-sur-Creuse does not appear on their interactive map, just type it into the search criteria. You can also book tickets on this site, but we prefer to make our bookings direct on the French SNCF site which seems to be the cheapest site:
Even the option to see this website in English takes you to the UK site which seems a little more expensive. Of course you can always buy tickets at any train station in person (best to have your destination written down in case of language barriers) or at vending machines (by cash or a card that has a PIN).

With Europe being so small in comparison to Australia you can even drive to another country within a day if you are keen. We have already driven down to Spain…

Driving in Spain

Peniscola Spain

Morella Spain

and across to Italy.

Driving through the French Alps

Drivivng through Italy

San Remo Italy

Our little car has done us well.

Our car

You can also pick up cheap European flights if you keep an eye on the internet (at prices cheaper than flying interstate in Australia!) which is another thing we often do on the SNCF site:

There is just so much to see in Europe. It’s fantastic to be able to experience a little more of it each year. Of course we have only scratched the surface so far!

And then there are our continuing renovations which give us so much satisfaction and make our house in France even more our home.

Life is fun, full, and fulfilling. People often comment: “No wonder you’re always smiling” which makes me smile just that little bit more.


About frenchfry36

South African by birth, British by right, Australian by oath, French by choice.
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12 Responses to There’s no place like home

  1. Nancy says:

    Hello, As an American by birth, British by passport and love of England, living/retired full time in France — just up the street from you actually in Saint Marcel — I’m enjoying your postings. I, too, am using my time in France to visit as much of Europe as I possibly can. All the best, Nancy

  2. denisedhall says:

    Ahhhh, there is no place Like Home… and that would be? Wherever you lay your head that night. Lovely Post Nola, As usual… Your pics are wonderful. Counting the days til we venture to Europe again. This time ITALY, YES !!!

  3. latonewyork says:

    Sounds wonderful Nola. Love reading your posts and thanks for all the information. So useful when trying to plan an upcoming holiday. What are the temperatures like in Argenton-sur-Creuse in January. I imagine it would be very cold.

  4. Very informative post, well-written and with appropriate lovely photos. Your love of your life in France shines through. J’aime aussi la belle France. Great location, too, being so central to everything. You chose well.

  5. norma hawley says:

    Love your posts Nola, can’t physically get there this year, but you take me there…thank you.
    You are an excellent travel writer. Keep it up. It makes me smile too.

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