Paris-Orly train transfer tips

We had always flown in and out of Paris from Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport until recently.

Our regional train down to our house in central France departs from Gare d’Austerlitz, and on one of our many jaunts through that train station we noticed that there were signs indicating the way to catch a train to Orly airport.

SNCF intercity train

So when we found some cheap flights departing from Orly we thought it would be a good chance to check it out and compare it with the ease of getting to and from CDG.

CDG is of course easily accessible from Paris by train (allow about 40 minutes), although the entire journey for us (from home to airport) can entail 2, 3 or even 4 different trains. One time, flying into Paris, we used the bus (Les Cars Air France) to get from CDG to Gare de Lyon (and there is at least a walkway between Gare de Lyon and Austerlitz), but in Paris the traffic makes train travel by far the best option for airport transfers.

But, let’s back to the point of this blog, that is, tips on Orly airport transfers by train.

Probably the most important thing to know is that the train line that runs between Orly and Paris is the RER “C” line.

Orly to Paris:

To get from Orly airport to Paris “by train” you first have to get the shuttle bus to the train station – a little like getting the Skybus from Melbourne Airport to Southern Cross station.

Note that Orly has 3 separate terminals: Tech, Ouest, and Sud, however, as yet we have only used Orly Ouest (Orly West) so bear that in mind when reading these instructions.

Paris by train from Orly Terminal Ouest

I would assume however that Orly Ouest and Orly Sud are similar in their configuration. I believe Tech is only for freight but I could be wrong and really should check such things out before I make statements on my otherwise carefully researched blog! Anyway, the shuttle bus stops at all terminals.

Back to the instructions…

  • Arriving at Orly Ouest, just follow the signs to “Ground Transports”

Follow the signs to Ground Transports

  • Take exit “D” (Sortie D)

Take Exit D for Ground Transport

  • Cross the service road to reach the bright pink bus stops
  • Go to “Arret 7” (Stop 7) where “Paris par le train” (Paris by train) is painted in yellow on the road

Paris par le train

  • Buy your ticket at the vending machine there (make sure you have a card with a PIN to use at such machines) – either just to Pont de Rungis station (pronounced Pon de Ron-jeese) or all the way through to Paris

Paris by Train bustop

  • Wait a maximum of 15 minutes for the next fluorescent green shuttle bus to arrive

Paris by Train shuttle bus to Pont de Rungis

  • Get off at Pont de Rungis (where you can buy your ticket through to Paris if you haven’t done so already)
  • Go downstairs to the train platforms and check the displays for your desired stop before boarding – for us that is usually “Paris Aust” (short for Paris Austerlitz aka Gare d’Austerlitz which is the country line terminal or “Grandes Lignes” station where we catch the regional SNCF train down to Argenton-sur-Creuse on the Limoges line)

Obviously it’s pretty much the reverse process on the return journey

Paris to Orly:

  • To get from Paris to Orly airport, go to any Metro station on the “C” line.
  • Buy your ticket at a vending machine (make sure you have a card with a PIN to use at such machines) or purchase at a ticket counter – buy the combined ticket for the train to Pont de Rungis (pronounced Pon de Ron-jeese) and the shuttle bus to Orly airport.
  • Take a train in the direction of Massey Palaiseau, making sure it stops at Pont de Rungis. We often board at “Paris Aust” (Paris Austerlitz), normally having just arrived on the regional SNCF train from Argenton-sur-Creuse. From Gare d’Austerlitz we follow the signs for Orly – downstairs to the “C” line.

Catch the C line to Orly Airport

(Just a warning to keep an eye on the overhead displays. We were waiting patiently on the designated platform when all of a sudden our train “fell off” the list and our train pulled into the other platform instead. Lucky we checked, or it could have been another half hour wait.)

  • Get off at Pont de Rungis
  • Wait a maximum of 15 minutes for the next fluorescent green shuttle bus to arrive
  • The shuttle bus goes to all Orly terminals so if you are unsure sure of whether your flight departs from the Sud (south) or Ouest (west) terminal, you can check the list of airlines posted on the bus
  • Alight at your terminal – for Orly West that will be at the bright pink “Arret 7” which may now be familiar to you from your previous journey

The bright pink bus stop No 7

I hope this helps you navigate your way to and from Orly airport and saves you a few headaches and hassles on your otherwise happy travels.


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  1. Good info. We might check out Orly next time we are in France.

  2. Very useful information. I would like to feature this post on my Wednesday’s Blogger Round-up.

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