Rome-ing from port to (air)port

Our fabulous 2 week transatlantic cruise concluded in Rome, and although it was definitely a place I wanted to see, we had already booked a separate trip there in literally a matter of weeks, so we contented ourselves in that thought, and prepared to fly straight out to Paris.

So, in order to get from Civitavecchia (Rome’s closest port) to Fiumicino Airport – aka Leonardo da Vinci International Airport (and if that’s not confusing enough, don’t mistake it for Rome’s other international airport: Ciampino) we had already tried calling a limo service recommended to us by friends, but had trouble getting onto them, so ditched that option.

The charge for a shuttle from the port to the local train station advertised on-board ship seemed excessive, and especially once you added in the necessary train fares, didn’t sound cost-effective. Besides, we would then have to lug our baggage on and off multiple transports – something we wanted to minimise with Tony’s continued health problems.

So we ended up getting the service desk on ship to organise us a taxi direct from port to airport. Easy peasy, and worth the cost for the convenience and comfort – a whole van to ourselves – and still cheaper than the airport transfer available from the ship.

Next time we finish a cruise at Civitavecchia (oh yes, there is bound to be a next time!) we might have the forethought to pre-organise an airport transfer and could even share the trip with another couple and halve the cost.

So there endth our most enjoyable second-ever cruise, leaving us with many happy memories:

Of the days at sea, spent kicking back or enjoying endless activities and entertainment…

Plenty of musical entertainment on board Navigator of the Seas

or watching the changing moods of the Atlantic Ocean…

A little choppy

Swaying with the waves

Eerily calm

and, later, the Mediterranean Sea.

All good things must come to an end

Indulging in limitless food and attentive service…

The formal dining room

whilst forming firm friendships.

And of course the actual itinerary:  From New Orleans and cruising the mighty Mississippi…

New Orleans and the mighty Mississippi

to treading the mosaic pavements of picturesque Ponta Delgada…

Arriving at Ponta Delgada

taking a cable car ride to view the magnificent port of Toulon

Cable car ride in Toulon

and finishing off with a flurry of sightseeing in beautiful Tuscany.



So now, if you didn’t already know, we are officially hooked on the cruising lifestyle – the longer the cruise and the more at-seas days the better!

Loving the cruising lifestyle

and will be keeping our eye out for more great internet deals like this one we snapped up on the Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas at short notice.

Navigator of the Seas


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One Response to Rome-ing from port to (air)port

  1. denisedhall says:

    Nola, this is really uncanny. I was just cleaning up some emails, and came across our correspondence re: possibility of house swapping, and then this came through. We are really looking forward to our Italian Adventure in October. Daryl, does all the research, and I do all the sourcing of accommodations etc. He commented… WOW, so much to see and do in Rome. We have 3 days there, so hopefully will see much of what he has sourced out. We have only been on one Cruise and that was for our 25th. I am still not convinced that this is how we want to travel, But I do know, however that it gives you a taste of where you might like to venture back. Perhaps, one day we will take another go at it. The kinda cruising I would love… is to hire a charter and cruise through the Caribbean (where we have spent alot of time) or the South Pacific (which is my dream, one day) I am continuing to enjoy your posts. Always love living vicariously through others, and their traveling adventures.

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