My Superstar

Karaoke is a popular evening entertainment on cruises – but I don’t know why they only run very short sessions of an hour or so. In the “real world” karaoke is generally around 4 hours, giving time for seasoned singers to sing a few songs each and hesitant first-timers plenty of time to summon up the courage to participate.

Karaoke on the cruise

As keen karaoke-goers we were at every session – to the point where we were recognised around the ship as “those singers” (for all the right reasons I trust).

On Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas they ran a Karaoke Superstar competition, consisting of a few heats across the course of the voyage in the Ixtapa Lounge…

Karaoke in the Ixtapa Lounge

and culminating with a grand final night, up on stage in the Metropolis Theatre on the very last night of the cruise.

Their song list was somewhat limited, but the sound guy could play personal backing disks for those who, unlike myself, actually knew their songs without the aid of any words on-screen (they only played the audio, so no words displayed even with a CD+G).

Tony, despite battling a bad cold, deservedly made it into the top 10 finalists and revelled in the chance to perform on the big stage.

On stage in the Metropolis Theatre

The “judging” was based purely on applause level (a definite advantage for anyone travelling with a large group of friends – though our table companions did their best to make their support heard) and he came away in 3rd place with a bag full of Royal Caribbean promotional goodies.

Great fun, but 3rd place? He will always be my Number One Superstar.


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