Ice and a transatlantic crossing

We happened to watch a documentary on the Titanic disaster just before departing on our transatlantic cruise. Probably not impeccable timing.

But I consoled myself in that our voyage upon the “Navigator of the Seas” was to follow a totally different route (coming up from southern USA and into the Mediterranean) and anyway, surely the flawed decisions that contributed to the Titanic disaster would never happen again.

Ship design has come a long way – a fact confirmed by another documentary we saw regarding the design of the Royal Caribbean Voyager class fleet. (Who says you don’t learn anything from TV?)

Navigator of the Seas

Apparently the very design allowing the long “Main Street style” Royal Promenade, actually adds to the stability of the ship (and certainly makes it very easy to get from one end of the ship to the other).

Royal Promenade

Not only that, but the large life boats (comfortingly and prominently displayed) are enclosed for greater safety.

Cruising down the Mississippi

The only ice we did see (apart from in drinks) was the ice-rink onboard – the venue for both an entertaining ice dancing show and trapeze performance…

Ice dancing

Trapeze act

as well as the opportunity to do a little (very tentative) ice-skating myself…

Ice skating

At one point I was just standing on the ice, gaining some confidence, when the ship’s movement took me gently skating to the other side of the rink. A bit frightening but lots of fun and I wished I hadn’t left it till the final skating day to give it a try. Where does the time go?


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