All at sea

After our unscheduled stop at Port Everglades, it was a whole week at sea before our next port of call on our transatlantic cruise. A stark contrast to our maiden voyage last year we only had one “at sea” day on our hectic 7 night  Mediterranean cruise.

Aboard Navigator of the Seas

We couldn’t believe how quickly time slipped by. And very pleasantly too, I must say.

With 15 decks, 10 pools or spas, 16 bars and lounges (with regular live music), and continuous activities – on the Royal Caribbean “Navigator of the Seas” you can do everything, or nothing.

From starting the day with a workout in the gym (well, most days anyway – had to wear off all that delicious food somehow!)

Morning workouts

or just kicking back and relaxing on the comfortable little couch in our perfectly adequate interior stateroom.

Our stateroom

From breakfast (or more often brunch) in the casual self-serve Jade or Windjammer cafes (with table service for drinks)…

Breakfast by the window at the Windjammerto snacks at the 24 hour Cafe Promenade (although Tony didn’t think much of “Seattle’s Best” coffee) …

Snacks at Cafe Promenade

and nightly a la carte dining of limitless courses with our new friends from the US, we were actually glad we had the late sitting of 8pm to make the most of the day…

Impressive formal dining rooms

often enjoying a theatre performance before dinner…

Nightly theatre performances

and karaoke after.


There were plenty of places to walk or relax on deck as the mood (or energy) dictated.

Plenty of space to walk or relax on deck

I got into a bit of poolside line dancing (Tony’s leg problem putting paid to other the other dancing options)…

Poolside linedancing

tried my hand at beading in the jewellery-making workshop…

Jewellery making

felt creatively inspired by the artist on board…

Art demonstration

won a free drink at Bingo with my impromptu “crazy dance” (I guess you had to be there, but I would have much preferred to win the free cruise!)…

Won a free drink but not bingo

and found “Waterloo” to be my waterloo in the “Finish that Lyric” game show.

Royal Promenade was the place for a bit of duty-free shopping, gala events…

Royal Promenade

and even a circus parade for a bit of family fun (though there were hardly any children onboard).

Clowning around

Tony whiled away some time in the casino – sadly bombing out in the first round of the Blackjack Tournament, but overall beating the bank. (Phew!)

We felt special to be invited on a tour of the kitchen – but so did everyone else. What a mammoth task keeping the thousands of passengers satisfied.

Galley tour

There was so much more we did (like enjoying movies in the screening room – when we arrived early enough to get a seat), and even more that we didn’t (we were never out on deck when whale sightings where announced).

And before we knew it – land ahoy!

Land ahoy

It was just a shame that almost every day we had to put our watches forward an hour to keep up with the time difference, shortening our days, but does that mean that on the reverse journey you would gain those hours? Now that sounds good to me. Add that one to the bucket list!


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2 Responses to All at sea

  1. latonewyork says:

    It all sounds pretty amazing and the photos are great. Glad you’re enjoying yourselves and obviously relaxing. Looking forward to the next episode of your adventure.

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