History repeats

Sad to be leaving New Orleans, but very excited to be heading off on a transatlantic cruise, we boarded the Royal Caribbean “Navigator of the Seas”.

Navigator of the Seas

Boarding time

Once boarding was complete, we were glad to get the emergency drill over and done with, but were surprised to see that they were still loading luggage at our scheduled departure time of 4.30pm (obviously not everyone had packed light!)…

Loading luggage

and settled down in a nice little lounge area to celebrate our impending departure with a cocktail, enjoying the live music.

A celebratory cocktail

It was almost 6.30pm before we finally cast off – making a two-hour delay – just like our flight from Melbourne. A sense of deja vu began creeping in.

Finally on the move

What we couldn’t believe was the announcements as we circumnavigated Florida two days later, that we would be docking at Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale, due to two medical emergencies! My goodness, history really does repeat itself (two passengers on our flight to L.A. had to disembark when they took ill)!

Port Everglades Florida

We heard talk that perhaps there was some other problem on-board other than the medical issues, because it was unusual to dock to evacuate patients, and there had been some kind of plumbing issue, but the transfer of passengers seemed to be all that took place at the port,

2 medical emergencies

and before we knew it we were off again…

And we're off

out into wide, deep, blue Atlantic Ocean.


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South African by birth, British by right, Australian by oath, French by choice.
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