Marvellous Malta

Second stop on our Mediterranean cruise was the island state of Malta – the largest island in the archipelago (or cluster of islands) that makes up the Republic of Malta.

The approach into the naturally deep Grand Harbour was impressive..

surrounded by the centuries-old limestone walls and buildings of La Valletta , the capital city, which is a World Heritage site…

We had booked a harbour cruise and got to take a closer look at the coastline…

sailing in and out of the harbours and marinas of the Three Cities…

with delightful views around every corner under a glorious blue sky…

Restored 16th century buildings majestically lined the clifftop …

and our ship dominated the harbour, dwarfing the small fishing boats and pleasure craft…

On returning to the attractive waterfront, with its shops and cafés, the hard-sell by the tour guide to buy a Maltese cross only served to put me off doing so.

Soon after followed our tasting of local produce – the wine we found so-so, but the olives: divine!

Afterwards, we took a romantic horse and carriage ride…

up to the lovely Upper Barrakka Gardens…

for yet more magnificent harbour views…

and alighted to take a wander around the hilly streets…

and narrow alleys…

past some of the many churches…

including St John’s Co-Cathedral, whose conservative exterior hides a richly ornate Baroque interior.

In complete contrast are the quaint red telephone boxes dotted here and there –
relics from a brief period of English rule in Malta’s more recent history.

We finished off our visit to Valletta by exploring some of the shops along the seemingly endless Republic Street.

Perhaps it was the relaxed atmosphere, or the mix of English and European history, but this little country somehow captured our hearts and we’ve booked a week’s holiday there next year when we look forward to discovering more of marvellous Malta.


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South African by birth, British by right, Australian by oath, French by choice.
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12 Responses to Marvellous Malta

  1. Debra Kolkka says:

    I sailed into Malta in 1972….40 years ago in December….it looks just as I remember it.

  2. Denise says:

    As usual Nola, beautiful pics with fantastic narrative. Friends of ours, who live near us…sent us a couple of links. They are retired, and they are part time tour guides for trips of their choice. Next October, which will be our 40th Anniversary. They are doing tours on a Mediterranean cruise. We are now thinking about it. At least I am…Daryl, just rolls his eyes and goes with the flow.

  3. flipote says:

    Glad you enjoyed your visit! Malta is a small island but it has so much to offer.

  4. Thanks for the tour of Malta. I’ve never been but it looks really amazing. I’m curious to know if they make their own wine there.

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