Bright and white

The shower room downstairs is finally complete!

You’d think I would realise it by now, but I am always astounded at how much work goes into renovating even a very small room.

First, Tony dismantled and removed the shower and vanity units that we had installed a couple of years ago, along with all other fixtures (towel rails, heater, etc) to leave us with the shell of the room. Not exactly a blank canvas.

Lifting the old vinyl tiles, the heat gun worked a treat. In fact he was working so fast I could hardly take a photo!

Replaced a small area of rotted floorboards and reinforced the adjacent crumbling wall with cement before starting to line the back wall (although this would make our small room even smaller, it served to hide all the pipes, correct the sloping back wall, and provide a perfect tiling surface).

One less wall to strip wallpaper off too!

It was fortunate that we chose to get half-width plasterboard sheets that we could just fit in our car…

…because we would never have been able to manoeuver full-sized sheets around the corner and into the room!

Working in tandem, we set about tiling and grouting from floor to ceiling (the idea was to create a “maintenance-free” room – keeping the polystyrene lining on the ceiling that just needed a slight repair).

It may be a little room but the walls are 2.83 metres high so it was a big job.

We chose to retain a small area of original tiles that would be hidden by the shower cubicle to save a little time and cost – but we didn’t realise how crooked they now looked against our new straight wall, and it turned into a piece of a quirky op-art!

Once we had installed a new light, painted the woodwork, and laid the vinyl flooring (silicone-ing the edges for extra waterproofing)…

… the room really started to take shape.

And then began the tedious job of re-installing the shower cubicle (piece by piece – all cleaned up like new) taking great care to make sure it was perfectly level to drain properly.

Working in such a confined area was tricky.

We became pretty slick with the silicone, squeezing into all joins to be totally free of leaks.

Thankfully the vanity unit was much more straightforward to re-install, now sporting a nifty little rotating plug device.

Re-attached all the towel rails, hook, and the freshly painted heater and door. Et voilà! Job done.

We’re very happy with the result, especially when you compare it to what we started with…

From this:

To this:

And this:To this:

Very happy indeed. Très très bonne.


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South African by birth, British by right, Australian by oath, French by choice.
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6 Responses to Bright and white

  1. Debra Kolkka says:

    Wonderful! I am hoping the see the bathrooms in our stone house finished soon.

  2. Excellent post and result of all the hard work. What an improvement!

  3. It looks beautiful! And I love that in your last photo posted you’re both still smiling! Job well done!! 🙂

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