A hint of history

I would like to be able to share some photos of our completed projects… unfortunately, instead of having finished any one thing, we are in the middle of doing a multitude of tasks, and every room in the house is currently in disarray.

Our major work is still taking place in the small bedroom and bathroom (or should I say shower room) downstairs, as well as the little hallway that adjoins these two rooms.

Originally these would have all been just one room (you can tell where the door from the lounge into this area used to be from the wooden doorway support structure still visible in the wall, and all the newer walls have tell-tale smaller skirting boards).

Our house, probably built during the mid 1800’s, pre-dates bathrooms as we know them, which only came into vogue in the 20th century (so my research tells me) after public bath houses dropped in popularity when there were fears that they transmitted diseases. Did you know that soap was only first produced in the Middle Ages? It’s amazing what you find out on the net.

But as our “bathroom” – not big enough for a bath – housed only a shower and basin I wonder when it was put in? We thought we might be given a clue when Tony found a little graffiti underneath the bathroom wallpaper…

Sweet message “Patricia, je t’aime”, but no date. (Funnily enough, if anyone ever pulls out our kitchen upstairs they will find a similar declaration of love!)

It seemed a shame to tile over it.

And then, when stripping the hallway, I was excited to see the word “Mai” (May) followed by “19”…….

1991! How disappointing. I was expecting 1950 at least!

Not helpful as far as my when-was-the-bathroom-added research was concerned, but when some of the paintwork underneath the wallpaper came away, yet another layer of wallpaper was revealed… what history would be unveiled if I scraped off the paint and that layer of wallpaper?

We’ll never know as I chose to leave it there – my laziness outwon my curiosity.


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South African by birth, British by right, Australian by oath, French by choice.
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2 Responses to A hint of history

  1. Hi there!
    I stopped by to thank you for liking one of my recent posts and for deciding to follow along. I’m so glad I did! What a great story you have here. You have somehow made home renovation seem romantic and in my opinion that’s an amazing feat! Kudos to you! I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts and getting to know you in the wonderful world of blog. 🙂

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