Weigh too much luggage

Ok, so we brought too much luggage to France – again! We have vowed that it is the last time (haven’t we said that before? Probably, but it’s more believable now – there’s nothing left in Australia that we need to bring over… is there?)

We got into trouble for having too many bags on our domestic flight (ah, a sign of the times – didn’t Qantas used to be more forgiving?) It used to be ok to have your cabin bag, plus camera bag, plus laptop bag… not anymore it seems, although surprisingly all classes can now have 2 small 7kg bags each on domestic – we just had too many items altogether.

Having used the automated bag drop, they just got us to check in our cabin bags via the service desk at the gate (fortunately at no charge).

The bigger problem was that we were only allowed 1 x 7kg bag each on the international flight. In search of further clarification on the rules about “personal bags”, we rang Qantas, but they weren’t giving anything away so we had to work on the basis of just 1 x 7kg bag each (for us cattle-class plebs) plus one “personal bag” (e.g. handbag, small camera bag), although this is not even mentioned when you check carry on baggage allowances on their website.

We were in trouble: the weight allowance on our suitcases was already maxed out… something had to go.

Reluctantly, we gave away our cast-iron cooking pot, bought specially to take to France for Tony’s delicious bœuf bourguignon. Bulky and really heavy, it was the obvious choice. It went to a good home and at least gave us something to play with.

We bought a larger cabin bag and consolidated 3 bags into 1 – of course it was way too heavy then, but hey, they never weigh your cabin bag do they? Wrong!

Re-packing at the check-in counter is such fun! Not.

I shook my head when we were finally given the go-ahead with 2 slightly overweight suitcases checked in, and carry on consisting of: a cabin bag plus camera bag each, plus laptop bag and my handbag. Isn’t that pretty much what we started with? Go figure.


About frenchfry36

South African by birth, British by right, Australian by oath, French by choice.
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2 Responses to Weigh too much luggage

  1. Denise says:

    Aw yes, the overweight luggage scenario. Been there, done that….and will probably do it again. But with my hubby who always frets, as we have been there and done that…he, who now weighs everything… And wondering if Tony replaced his cast iron pot. Love Boeuf Bourguignon.

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