Do it yourself

Isn’t it funny how sometimes you choose what you think will be the quick and easy way, but it’s not necessarily how it turns out?

When we first arrived at our renovator’s delight in France it quickly became evident that the tiny shower base was just not going to cut it…

even after fixing the shower head hose and hanging a fresh new shower curtain.

Personally I could have coped, and thought we could put up with it for a little while at least, but Tony had other ideas and promptly organised a local English bloke to install a complete shower cubicle and vanity unit, so we stripped the room in preparation.

We had seen some work that this guy had done and thought he knew what he was doing. But impressions can be wrong can’t they?

He didn’t finish anything off properly – how can you think its ok to leave the back of the vanity cupboard open when it sits so far out from the wall? Everything falls down the back! And what was with using a random strip of timber on the wall for the units to rest against as a solution to the sloping floor? Worst of all, the shower never drained properly and couldn’t leave the wooden base sitting in the shower without a build-up of gunge forming (seemingly) overnight.

We had him back to look at the problem but no joy there. He was obviously not interested in any repeat business from us!

Really, we could have done a better job ourselves, and saved a heap of money to boot.

Quick and easy? Not this time. Oh well, live and learn… it certainly was a good lesson for us to have more confidence in our own DIY abilities.

A little bit of paint helped disguise the timber strip, and we managed to get some kinks out of the shower outlet hose that eased the problem, but it’s certainly high on our priority list to re-do this little shower room. And now we have a bathroom upstairs we can relax and do it properly.

It’s not long at all until we return to France… we’re counting the days and can’t wait to get back to (hopefully) finish off our renovations!


About frenchfry36

South African by birth, British by right, Australian by oath, French by choice.
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4 Responses to Do it yourself

  1. Hi I can relate to all your renovating problems in France!!!!! We are also Aussies,bought a doer upper in France 2 years ago,in guess where? Argenton sur creuse ! Actually 6 ks south in Chenet . Lovely part of the world……..France’s little secret………….Enjoy!!!!! Cheers Vic.

    • frenchfry36 says:

      It is a lovely area, and off the beaten tourist track. We just love it! We will have to compare notes 🙂

      • Hi…..Anglo Info can be a good source for tradesmen with the right qualifications,there are a lot of expat shonks in France.We found Mr Bricolage in Argenton a great source of information,three of the guys speak & understand english…… , as always with the french, if you make an effort to speak french they go out of their way to help!!!!………..Enjoy!!!!! Cheers Vic

      • frenchfry36 says:

        We’ve found all the locals helpful and friendly, and as time goes by my French is slowly improving which makes everything easier!

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