The bare essentials

The French don’t leave much behind when vacating houses (except in our case rubbish). They take with them things that we would consider part of the house: light fittings (you’re lucky if you’re left with a bare bulb) and kitchen appliances – literally everything except the kitchen sink! Although I guess things are a bit different with modern style built-in kitchens? Anyway, in our case, getting a workable kitchen up and running was one of our first priorities.

The room itself was narrow and an unusual shape, with the dinky little pantry tucked around the corner…

and before we arrived we had not yet decided how to tackle the renovations for this important room.

As there was already a doorway leading into the next room the estate agent had suggested opening up the wall to create what they call an “American kitchen” (cuisine américaine) – an open-plan kitchen, or kitchen-meals area to us Aussies. However, this would mean we would “lose” a bedroom, and didn’t seem a very good idea to us, especially seeing that the lounge room (salon) was directly opposite and large enough to easily accommodate a dining table. At least having decided this, we could seal off that extra doorway, giving us a longer length of wall to play with.

So while we pondered, we made-do: using the microwave oven balanced on top of its carton, dragging in an old cupboard that was left in the garage, and setting up our washer/dryer European-style.

Workable, but certainly no cordon-bleu cookery happening at this stage!

Thank goodness for the microwave (micro-onde), although in France, there don’t seem to be as many frozen foods available designed specifically for microwave cooking, so we’re glad we bought one with a grill element.

About frenchfry36

South African by birth, British by right, Australian by oath, French by choice.
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2 Responses to The bare essentials

  1. It’s come a long way since those early days not so long ago. Well done, both on your renovations and your blog.

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