Up down and all around Hong Kong

We loved exploring hilly Hong Kong:

Day 1:

Rode the 800m Mid-Levels escalators  – built to help move the 7 million people who live in this high-density city

Meandered through the Zoo and Botanic Gardens (for free) which has been open since 1864

Rode the Peak Tram (Hong Kong’s first public transport running since 1888)…

with a gradient that varies from 4 to 27 degrees (steep, but nowhere near as steep as the Katoomba railway in NSW at 52 degrees)…

and enjoyed the panoramic views and shops at Victoria Peak almost 400m above sea level…

as well as the best coffee and hot chocolate of the trip at the Perfect Cup.

and headed back to the flats of Hong Kong Central.

Day 2:

We took the subway which runs under Victoria Harbour to Kowloon – making a bee-line to Ming Court at the Langham Place Hotel…

to have Dim Sum (as we had seen featured on MasterChef.)

a lovely experience, but the dessert was peculiar to our Western palates and so later we treated ourselves to a slice of New York cheesecake (now that’s what we call dessert!) in a flashy shopping centre…

and finally found our way a large outdoor market where we haggled down the price of a suitcase and a lovely tea set…

before heading back to Hong Kong Island for our usual “royal” treatment in the Hotel Jen Skylounge.


About frenchfry36

South African by birth, British by right, Australian by oath, French by choice.
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5 Responses to Up down and all around Hong Kong

  1. Debra Kolkka says:

    I love Hong Kong. Have you been to Sevva at the top of the Princes building?

  2. I have seen the inside of Hong Kong airport during a stopover, so at least I have had the pleasure of flying in at night with a view of the city, but it has long been on my “bucket list” and is something I will definitely do.
    Good informative blog, frenchfry36! Nice photos too.

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