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As the craziness of Christmas settles down I can finally get back to blogging. How is it that Christmas and the end of the year is always such a deadline for us? Somehow wanting to squeeze in everything that we should have or wanted to do for the whole year into the final few weeks of the year?

Oh how I wish we were back in France now – there is a sense of peace there that I never seem to feel here… but it’s nice to know that my niece and partner are enjoying our house and using it as a base for their travels in Europe – Argenton-sur-Creuse being conveniently situated on a main train line (2 and a half hours south of Paris.) Lucky them! They probably had better weather there in the middle of winter than we had here in stormy Melbourne yesterday.

The Christmas day we spent in France was perfect:  glorious blue sky and sunshine – the recent snow already melted. The fresh crisp morning air was ideal for a brisk walk to build up an appetite for our Australian lamb roast – better than any lamb we have ever bought in Australia of course – only the best is exported! Mind you, Tony’s lamb en croute yesterday was also superb!


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South African by birth, British by right, Australian by oath, French by choice.
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One Response to Back to blogging

  1. frenchfry36 says:

    Haha – I didn’t post this on Christmas day… my clock must still be set to France time!

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