Highlands highlight

The Skyway cable car rides in the Genting Highlands, Malaysia, were definitely the highlight of our week up there.

The Awana Skyway takes you from the Awana station in fairly large cable cars to up to Genting “City of Entertainment” (situated 3000m above sea level) via the Chin Swee Cave Temple, covering 2.4km in 12 minutes.

With the station very close to our resort, we thought this ride was fantastic…

until we went on the newer, longer, faster Genting Skyway…

which runs from the Gohtong Jaya bus terminal up to Genting (very handy if you arrive by bus from Kuala Lumpur.)

At the time we were there, it was billed as the fastest and longest cable car ride in South East Asia, but records are made to be broken aren’t they, and a longer cable car system has just opened in Vietnam, apparently higher too, but is it faster? Not that speed is necessarily an advantage – you want time to soak up the magnificent natural scenery.

It travels at a comfortable pace, taking 11 minutes for the 3.38km journey, in seemingly endless small cable cars.

So for those like me who have a perfectly rational fear of heights, once the initial rush of adrenalin subsides, just sit back and enjoy the ride!


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4 Responses to Highlands highlight

  1. Did you visit the cave temple?

    • frenchfry36 says:

      No we didn’t, but the 9 storey pagoda certainly looked interesting and the Awana Skyway stops there so it’s easy to get to. Having been to Bangkok not long before, we were all templed-out at the time!

  2. I feel woozy just looking at it! However, if I were there I would probably try it too.
    Keep up the good blogging; great for armchair travellers as well as potential visitors.

  3. frenchfry36 says:

    It’s great fun re-living the memories. Glad you liked it.

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