Up and down Malaysian mountains

When we were in Malaysia, en route to France, we spent a week of timeshare at the Awana Golf and Country Resort, about an hour out of Kuala Lumpur in the (relative) cool of the magnificent Genting Highlands.

From Awana you can take either of 2 amazing skyways (cable cars) up to Genting at the top of the mountain where there is host of hotels, a casino, shops and even theme park. They call it the “City of Entertainment.” Sounds swish but we found it a little tacky.

Mind you, we did enjoy the karaoke rooms! In all our years of karaoke-going this was a first for us, and we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the sound.

We couldn’t find anywhere to buy groceries up there (plenty of places to eat of course…and it was the first time we tried mooncakes – a Chinese delicacy eaten during the Mid Autumn Festival around September)…

so we made a trip back down the mountain to KL to stock up for the week. The bus ride was soooo cheap – about $1.50 for almost an hour trip.

We really enjoyed ourselves at Awana…

our buffet breakfast on the balcony…

a special banquet dinner to celebrate the end of Ramadam (the Islamic month of fasting)…

a bit of tennis…

my first try at Archery…

the rugged yet tamed landcape…

and we enjoyed the Skyways so much that they deserve their own post!


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South African by birth, British by right, Australian by oath, French by choice.
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One Response to Up and down Malaysian mountains

  1. That sounds like an awesome place. Photos are lovely too.

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