Towering above the rest

Visiting the Petronas Towers is a definite must-do when in Kuala Lumpur, being the tallest twin towers in the world.

So off we headed on one of our self-guided city discovery tours… only to find that we were too late – all 1000-odd passes had already been given out for the day. (No cost at the time, but no bookings either.)

Luckily we hadn’t left it for our last day so we arrived bright and early the next morning… and so did everyone else it seemed! Patience is a virtue and we finally obtained our passes for later in the day.

We took the opportunity to visit the flashy shopping mall at the base of the towers, and explore the surrounding area.

So we returned at the appointed time, and after a presentation letting us know just how wonderful the Petronas company is, we got to ride the lift up to the 41st or 42nd floor (can’t remember which) where the double decker Skybridge perches across the two towers – not attached, to allow for the swaying of the 88 storey buildings!

The day was a bit hazy, but pretty good views of KL and the mountains all the same – just not so good for photography. I wonder how the view is from the top of the building – we were not even half-way up!

I enjoyed having a closer look at the amazing steel and glass architecture.

Then all too soon we were herded back to the lift to make way for the next lift load of eager tourists.


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One Response to Towering above the rest

  1. Thank you. Now I have something else added to my bucket list!

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