A taste of Thailand

My first real “taste of Thailand” in Bangkok was lunch in the Paragon Centre (part of the huge Siam shopping  complex.) I was pretty happy that the Spicy Minced Chicken I chose served to clear my heavy head for a while. (I was fighting off a bad cold – not the Swine Flu that was rife at the time thank goodness – though I was rather fearful every time we passed by the airport thermal cameras that I would be whisked off to quarantine.)

Tony was excited to be able to buy Mangasteen fruit which he first tasted when in Cambodia years earlier. Now you can buy them in Australia – the world is getting smaller.

What he wasn’t so excited by was the coffee. A decent brew was few and far between. Mind you, the fruity cocktails were wonderful.

By far our best foodie memory of Thailand was the cooking class we took at our hotel. It was extra good that we were the only participants.

First they took us to the local grocery store… we wondered if we were going to have to buy our own ingredients! No, it was to show us how to find all the ingredients that we would be using.

It made sense when, back at the hotel we saw that everything was already chopped up, mise en place style, so no lesson in knife skills (a little disappointed about that.)

We loved the simplicity of the recipes which were absolutely delicious and we developed quite a taste for chillies after our sumptuous self-made banquet.


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