A career opportunity?

Maybe it’s just the price bracket we looked at, or the sites we chose, but the French real estate ads we saw when house-hunting really amused me.

Totally unpretentious, a candid snap or two was it. Certainly no concern about sprucing the place up beforehand. Overcrowded with mismatched furniture and things lying about, even the odd person in the shot, the photos just showed the place “as is” – if there was a photo of the inside of the house at all that is.  Sometimes all there was was the view from a window or a shot of the back corner of the garden! (I wonder if this is because so many houses are rented in France?)

With our house, it took a lot of prompting before we got enough information and photos for confirmation that this really was “the one.” (Mind you, in our hearts we had already made up our mind!) Certainly no “hard sell” here. Imagine not mentioning the fact that it had a garage – especially when it’s a rather rare find in old French houses… perhaps becoming a real estate agent in France is a career opportunity?


About frenchfry36

South African by birth, British by right, Australian by oath, French by choice.
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