Rising to the occasion

Even though a wonderfully light and crunchy freshly baked baguette is available just down the road for only 95 centimes (sometimes still warm) Tony decided to have a go at baking bread at home.

Now there’s no denying that he is my Masterchef but successful breadmaking (in France anyway) somehow eludes him. I put it down to the difference in flours (farine) and raising agents (levure) here.

Interestingly, we had great trouble finding Cream of Tartar here, ending up buying a small amount from the bakery (boulangerie.) Now what was that recipe we so desperately wanted to make?

Anyway, his first batch of bread looked beautiful but the proof is always in the eating… a bit heavy and undercooked. Edible, but disappointing.

Not to be defeated, he persevered and it was a treat to eat his own bread with home-made tapenade.

Next he moved onto Brioche – a sweet, light, soft bread – and one loaf (made with special Brioche flour and – at my suggestion – the same brand of raising agent) turned out absolutely perfect, so why didn’t the second?

Maybe breadmaking is best left to the boulanger, after all, there are so many other things he bakes perfectly!


About frenchfry36

South African by birth, British by right, Australian by oath, French by choice.
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