Day tripping

Last week (how can it seem so long ago already?) we spent a day heading west from Hyères up to Marseille.

Someone told us “stay away from Marseille” (the 2nd largest city in France) but we loved it – though driving down into the dungeons of a carpark with hardly any room to turn the corners was an experience.

Headed straight for the old port (Vieux Port) where I just had to order Bouillabaisse (the birthplace of the dish) – so much food we could’ve shared (and so pricey that we should’ve – on our tight budget anyway.)

By the end of the meal, from watching other diners, I learnt how to eat it. Served as a bowl of soup and a plate of whole seafood with croutons on the side, you are meant to delicately fork all the fish meat off the bones and out of shells, putting the seafood and the croutons into the soup to eat it all together. I did it all wrong but enjoyed the beautiful rich flavours of the soup and while there was some scary seafood in there, in the end there was only one fish I didn’t like, and that was because of the texture. Worth it (after all, how often am I going to be in Marseille?) but it would have been worth paying the extra for fresh lobster (homard vivant) – I could tell mine had been frozen but hadn’t fully understood the menu.

While dining we had a view of the Notre Dame de la Garde which overlooks the city – and that was our next stop. A fair walk as you can see!

But a beautiful day and we had that big lunch to work off… however the million (slight exaggeration?) steps to get up to it were an effort:

Worth the effort – the church was amazing and the views magnificent. A great day.


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South African by birth, British by right, Australian by oath, French by choice.
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2 Responses to Day tripping

  1. bagnidilucca says:

    I’m not a fan of steps, but the rewards are certainly there.

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