Sweet and sour

What is labelled as Castor Sugar (Sucre en Poudre) here is not as fine as what we are used to, but you can also get L’extra fin – Sucre Poudre Très Fluide so we will try that for sensitive things like meringues.

Oh and Sucre Glace (Icing Sugar) comes in a handy pour or sprinkle container.

We took some time finding brown sugar – it helped to do some research on the net to find out what to look out for: Vergeoise Brune. But it seems that not all supermarkets stock it, like all the different vinegars…

Every time Tony reads a new recipe it calls for yet another vinegar. And when we go to buy some, we go to the one supermarket that doesn’t stock it. This is our array so far:

Probably quite enough don’t you think, and now I’ve found a good site for reference: http://www.foodsubs.com/Vinegars.html to find the most suitable substitute.

By the way, basic cheap vinegar (vinaigre) – pictured far left – is great for soaking off the calcium that forms in the kettle – and using fresh water for each boil slows down the build up.

Well it’s Saturday (again!) so it’s off to the market for our favourite farm fresh free range eggs.

A bientôt


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