Slow progress

I can’t believe that it has taken a month to get the lounge from this:

to this:

The paint we bought for the top coat on the walls was not suitable to use in the sprayer so it was back to brush and roller, but one coat was sufficient (though 2 coats on the end wall where the exposed wood was – I really should have used special wood primer as it just kept bleeding through the undercoat no matter how many layers I put on.)

Way behind schedule, but at least I’m finally up to the woodwork (which now looks grey compared to the freshly painted walls.)

In the meantime we also made a start on the toilet.

Last year we replaced the old cracked toilet and that’s when we discovered that the floorboards were rotting (the toilet was actually leaking!!) so Tony lifted up the old floorboards in readiness for the new ones. and after that we will enclose the drain pipes in the corner. At least it’s a small room so painting it should be a breeze!

Time is just slipping away, and we seem to spend a lot of time shopping, sourcing ingredients for Tony’s culinary creations. I guess we will just have to be content in whatever we get done, after all this is meant to be a holiday, and there’s always next year!



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South African by birth, British by right, Australian by oath, French by choice.
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