Sprayer vs Roller

After I had filled all the cracks in the lounge room walls and ceiling (using “enduit de rebouchage”) and major imperfections (with the smoother “enduit de lissage”) , Tony finished off with the electric sander. A vast improvement. A couple of touch ups and it was ready for painting.

Already tired, my arms felt like they were going to fall off after a very long day spent spray painting the ceiling (and half one wall). Wasn’t this meant to be the fun part?

Rather discouraged, the next day I rolled the rest of that wall and all the next to compare the effort versus the finished result. As it’s only the undercoat or “sous couche” (hopefully) a difference in result shouldn’t matter.

Spurred on by the superior finish achieved by spraying, I tackled the sprayer again today, and by thinning the paint further (to about the consistency of pouring cream), holding the gun further away from the wall (about a foot) and moving very slowly and methodically over an area both horizontally then vertically, I was much more efficient and am happy to say the undercoat is finished!

Bon travail n’est-ce pas?


About frenchfry36

South African by birth, British by right, Australian by oath, French by choice.
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One Response to Sprayer vs Roller

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Mum!! I am now up to date with your blog 🙂 You’re doing great work on the house and staying very motivated … I think if it was me I would have more days off :p xox

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