Walls washed, floors varnished

It took longer than I expected (but isn’t that what we have already learnt about renovating: that everything costs twice as much and takes three times as long as expected?) but I am happy to say that I finished washing down the lounge room walls this morning. Scrubbed with sugar soap (Oxydrine) and thoroughly rinsed off to remove all – well nearly all – traces of remaining wallpaper and adhesive.

Ooh I can’t wait to get painting, but of course I have to fill all the cracks and then wait for the plaster to dry completely before getting to the fun part.

Meanwhile, Tony sanded and varnished the two small areas of floorboards upstairs that we didn’t comlete last time (pantry and entry.) I’m sure there was a good reason… I just can’t remember what it was, because unfortunately the left-over varnish, Vitricateur Parquet, was all congealed and we had to buy some more – expensive stuff too. Doh.

Great result anyway, and now he “just” has to build the 2 doorways (we learnt last time just how much work and wood goes into making a doorway) and we will be done upstairs! We are re-using an old narrow door for the pantry but are still figuring out what to do with the entry door as it is not a standard height (being the entry to the attic) and the door that was there isn’t in very good condition. Ah, just imagine doing all this without being on a tight budget… we would just get a door custom made! No doubt we will figure something out, and really, at this stage it’s not essential, but getting the pantry up and running asap will be fabulous.

A tout à l’heure

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