Lost in translation

After working hard for the week it was time to have a couple of days off and we went for a walk in the glorious spring weather on Saturday, trying to find the Brocante (second hand market which includes professionals) that we had seen advertised on a poster around town.

Ended up in a secondhand store instead where Tony bought a very French hat (he can travel incognito now.) We decided not to go to the Brocante when we found out that it was 100km away – their notices tend to be a bit cryptic (to us anyway) and stopped on the way home at the weekly produce market to buy some fresh salmon and scallops which Tony turned into some fabulous meals.

On Sunday there was a Vide Grenier (car boot sale) so that was interesting (shame the weather was cool and overcast) where I bought a book about Australia – in French of course – so that should be good practice for me (at least I should be familiar with the subject matter.)

Funny how I have found it very hard to do any French language lessons since I’ve been here! But we have been watching some French TV every day (we enjoyed TopChef) and of course we are learning new words and phrases on an as-needed basis. The difficulty is the speed at which people speak here, and as beautiful as the French language is, the way all the words run into each other makes it very difficult for the novice such as myself.

The man at the Renault dealer was a perfect example – we went there to order a new remote for our car (we would be stuck if we lost our one working key) and while we managed to complete the transaction and understand the process, I have no idea of half of what he said! Mind you, when it comes to cars, would I have understood in English anyway?

Oh well, time to get some work done.

A plus tard


About frenchfry36

South African by birth, British by right, Australian by oath, French by choice.
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