Stripped Bare

Finally finished stripping the lounge walls. I certainly got a really good workout but pity I had a sore elbow even before I started. Getting in behind the heater (which is far too big and heavy to take off the wall) was tricky, but taping a small damp sponge to the end of a large ruler helped. I was very glad that some sections on the stone walls came off easily and put me back on schedule – more or less anyway.

Time is already going too fast – is 3 months going to be enough to finish our renovations?

Tony laid the hallway carpet. It’s only a small area and we saved enough of an offcut and underlay from when we did the bedroom so all we had to buy to do the job were a few threshold strips – called “seuils” here. Now all we need to do upstairs is complete the walk-in pantry and 2 doorways, the pantry door and the entry door.

We’re really happy at how the things we shipped across from Australia are fitting in. It was worth the $3000 to send about 6 cubic metres of furniture and goods across in a shared container. It would have cost at least that to buy what we shipped, and then of course we got to send all our personal bits and pieces too.

We’re getting really set up in our upstairs ‘apartment’  now – managed to get the washing machine upstairs (literally one step at a time – didn’t realise quite how heavy it was and there’s not much room to spare, especially around the bends in our semi-spiral staircase) but now it’s safely installed into the corner of our bathroom which is looking extra good now that we have added splashes of bright green accessories.

All very satisfying.

A la prochaine.


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South African by birth, British by right, Australian by oath, French by choice.
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